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            » Turning back the tide of Rheumatoid Arthritis
            » Collaboration investigates possible immunotherapy for rare melanomas
            » Why some moles become melanoma still a mystery
            » Renal cancer patients at risk of chronic kidney disease
            » What can go wrong in the blood? A brief overview of bleeding, clotting and cancer
            » Genomics project among UQ winners at prestigious NHMRC awards
            » New molecular pathway in sepsis could lead to potential treatments
            » Gene therapy could ‘turn off’ severe allergies
            » New genetic research to help early melanoma detection
            » Now is the time for dermatologists to learn genomics
            » Diversity key to better lymphoma immune response
            » State backs UQ researchers to create change
            » UQ tackles Crohn’s disease thanks to research grant
            » Research to produce real world data on blood cancer treatments
            » Flagship UQ research program to deliver health outcomes
            » Researchers strive to shine light on thin skin cancers
            » UQDI professor makes ‘highly cited’ list for 2016
            » Amyloid study pinpoints protein culprits
            » Autism genes exist in us all
            » Birth weight and adult disease are genetically linked, study finds
            » International grant grows UQ research
            » Study reveals cholesterol link in aggressive cancers
            » Patients’ genes could hold the clue to reducing severe sepsis
            » UQ research hones in on new TB drugs
            » UQ researchers identify potential anti-cancer target
            » Losing (immune) memories: a promising new approach for treating type 1 diabetes
            » Timing is Everything: Monitoring melanoma tumour growth and treatment response
            » Arthritis drug may help stop the spread of bone cancer
            » UQDI Researchers Lead Largest Ever Genetic Study of Eczema: ten new genes identified
            » Bacterial Bridges: new method to advance human microbiome ​research
            » In Detail: Cancer test predicts treatment outcome
            » Cancer test predicts treatment outcome
            » Drug significantly reduces the spread of bone cancer
            » Survival improves for deadly, rare childhood cancer
            » Successful STEM education program finds new home at UQ
            » Bad genes lead teens to binge-eating
            » UQDI collaboration gives new insight into squamous cell carcinoma treatment
            » Inner-space: A Journey into the Microbiome
            » Cervical cancer vaccine hero wins international award
            » R&D deal heralds new treatments for debilitating conditions
            » Early clinical trial success for new rheumatoid arthritis treatment
            » New study shows how an important class of proteins send messages
            » Research looks to stop allergic asthma at the source
            » New blood test detects non-Hodgkin lymphoma
            » UQ’s cervical cancer hero needs your vote
            » Nine News features promising new breast cancer research
            » Study reveals high-cholesterol diet increases spread of prostate cancer
            » UQ medical stars light up new Academy
            » Bridgestone grant to support search for a blood cancer cure
            » Cancer Council Queensland invests in promising UQ research
            » Researchers join force with the Australian Institute of Sport
            » Sun damage and cancer: how UV radiation affects our skin
            » Dad’s melanoma leads to Masters for young doctor
            » New research sheds light on skin cancer and immune response
            » NHMRC awards $5.44 million to UQDI research
            » Arthritis treatment up for people’s choice award
            » Free Public Forum Monday 1 September Your Health Future: "Genes & Me"
            » Chinese students experience Australian research
            » 'Near patient' research program targets blood cancer
            » New oncology research facility aims to accelerate personalised cancer medicine
            » Researchers named best and brightest scientific minds of our time
            » 3D melanoma model helps explain therapy evasion
            » Tangled DNA Linked with Chemotherapy Resistance in Melanoma
            » A Promising New Advance in Gene Therapy
            » Researchers enjoy funding success
            » Channel 7 Features UQDI Genetics Expertise
            » Vaccine targets non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma
            » Little bugs lead to big discoveries
            » Testing times as US clamps down on genotyping
            » A Trojan Horse for Human Breast Cancer
            » Breaking down bone cancer
            » Discovery of hidden genetic links offers hope for RA sufferers
            » Skin cancer breakthrough to be developed in Brisbane
            » Researchers relish NHMRC successes
            » UQDI researcher awarded prestigious Fellowship for genomics research
            » Key genes discovered behind Jeune Syndrome
            » New piece of the puzzle uncovered in rheumatoid arthritis
            » Cancer research foundation funds new treatment centre
            » New method of identifying biological pathways involved in the development of disease
            » UQ researchers to feature at Brisbane AusBiotech Conference
            » TRI: It's Official
            » New approach to coeliac genetic testing improves identification of those at risk
            » New rheumatoid arthritis treatment moves a step closer to reality
            » Students benefit from global research connections
            » UQ Contact Magazine: Health and Medical Feature
            » Hope for prevention of herpes through new vaccine
            » Researchers push towards arthritis treatment
            » Cell therapy to fight skin cancer
            » To vaccinate or to not vaccinate?
            » Professor Matt Brown wins top science prize for battling disease
            » Leading minds meet to revolutionise health care
            » UQDI Director elected for prestigious science fellowship
            » New head and neck cancer therapy
            » Saliva test could detect early stages of HPV-linked oral cancer
            » Professor Ian Frazer named in Top 50 vaccine personalities
            » Unravelling the mysteries of type 1 diabetes
            » Volunteers needed for a study of the incidence of asymptomatic herpes in young people
            » NHMRC announces grant success for best research projects
            » Funding approved for tuberculosis and HPV research projects
            » We're moving!
            » The Science of Immunisation: Questions and Answers
            » ACRF provides $4m for promising cancer research at UQ
            » Solving the paradox of the missing heritability
            » UQDI researchers celebrate success following NHMRC grant announcement
            » UQDI researchers lead the way in a US$4m project to unravel the genetics of a debilitating form of arthritis
            » Small genetic change has heavy consequences
            » Winning research-based ideas blaze a bright trail for the future
            » Adrian Cortes wins at GeneMappers Conference
            » Jana McCaskill en route to Paris after win in Hong Kong
            » Visscher eyes Eureka science prize
            » Professor Ranjeny Thomas a finalist in the GSK Awards for Research Excellence
            » Dr Michelle Hill awarded prestigious ARC Future Fellowship
            » The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute to collaborate on $14m sports science project
            » Gardasil vaccine to be available for boys in 2013
            » Grant awarded for further investigation into melanoma research
            » Grant awarded for further investigation into melanoma research
            » Queen bestows award on Australian science great
            » Associate Professor Emma Duncan named Clinical Researcher of the Year
            » Mock court trial examines chronic disease research
            » Young Science Ambassadors awarded
            » Professor Ian Frazer secures Bupa Health Foundation award for skin cancer research
            » Researchers discover genes responsible for fracture susceptibility and the risk of osteoporosis
            » Dr Gethin Thomas comments on new protein research into osteoporosis
            » Head and neck cancer research centre established in Brisbane
            » Professor Ian Frazer - a National Treasure
            » Next-generation sequencing uncovers another genetic mystery in skeletal dysplasia
            » The TRI Student Retreat
            » Novel analysis offers clues to schizophrenia underpinnings
            » Nature paper reveals the genetic influence on our IQ as we age
            » Innovative rheumatoid arthritis therapy receives backing from Janssen
            » Defending the genome-wide association study
            » Professor Ian Frazer named a Councillor for the Australian Academy of Science
            » Professor Ranjeny Thomas a finalist in the Australian Innovation Challenge Awards
            » Dr Ray Steptoe awarded ARC Future Fellowship
            » New insight into how the skin evades the immune system
            » The TRI Christmas BBQ & Football Tournament - Registrations Open!
            » Professor Matt Brown to present seminar on modern medicine and genetics at UQ's Global Challenge Leadership event
            » Research Fellowships in cancer and diseases of immune regulation
            » UQ start-up research results offer hope for herpes sufferers
            » Dr Fiona Simpson meets with local Brisbane radio host to talk about the importance of cancer research and rubber ducks
            » Turmeric could be the link to treating type 2 diabetes
            » Jana McCaskill in AusBiotech national final
            » SPARQ-ed students investigate melanoma cell research
            » UQ experts join health taskforce
            » Researchers take out multiple awards at PA Week, WiT and AusBiotech Awards
            » New Director appointed to the UQDI
            » The 2011 UQDI Open Day
            » The 2011 Jian Zhou Oration
            » Dr Angus Harding wins UQ award for brain tumour research
            » The 2011 UQDI Research Symposium Itinerary
            » Dr Peter Darben recognised for excellence in science
            » Join us at UQDI Open Day on Thursday 22nd September
            » Budding junior scientists to improve their German while in the research laboratory
            » UQ innovators light up the world with brilliant ideas
            » New laboratory probes neurogenetics of brain disease
            » The 3MT Winners Announced
            » World-class QLD cancer centre will fast-track discoveries from the lab to the bedside
            » 3 Minute Thesis Competition heats up
            » Researchers discover major genetic breakthrough in Ankylosing Spondylitis
            » Professor Ian Frazer: The third most trusted person in 2011
            » The Australian Society for Medical Research conference award winners
            » Summer Research Scholarships now open
            » UQDI Director honoured at Q-Index Awards
            » UQDI researchers take the prize at annual ARA event
            » Professor Ian Frazer elected Fellow of The Royal Society
            » Medical funding in Australia is safe
            » UQDI researchers discover new bone deformity gene
            » Resveratrol trial
            » Brisbane's Rally for Research
            » Health and medical research funding cuts: the facts
            » The future health of Australians under threat
            » Medical Research Facing Fund Cuts
            » Help fight cervical cancer in Vanuatu
            » Australia’s top scientists take on top jobs
            » Grapes are good for you in more ways than one!
            » It takes more than water...
            » Grant awarded to research new avenues of treatment in Ankylosing Spondylitis
            » Funding awarded to investigate immune system memory in autoimmune diseases
            » Genetic link found between spinal arthritis and Inflammatory Bowel Disease
            » Gardasil in the Developing World
            » Breast cancer treatment
            » Frazer’s dream becomes a reality
            » UQDI Visiting Scholarships Launched
            » Diamantina Institute welcomes Balzan Fellow: Dr Antje Blumenthal.
            » Diamantina Institute research excellence recognised during National Medical Research Week.
            » Queensland Treasurer presents new scientific collaborations with China.
      » Social Media Comments Policy
      » Events
            » Three Minute Thesis Competition
            » Advanced Immunology Course
      » Annual Reports
» Community & Alumni
      » Wonder of Science
      » Alumni
      » SPARQ-ed
            » What is SPARQ-ed ?
            » SPARQ-ed Research Immersion Programs
                  » DNA breast cancer gene mutations resources
                  » Resources for hSSB1 Immersion
            » SPARQ-ed Cell and Molecular Biology Experiences
                  » Overview of SPARQ-ed Cell and Molecular Biology Experiences
                        » SPARQ-ed Day of Immunology Workshop 2016
                        » Immunofluorescence
                              » Immunofluorescence Online Manual
                                    » Immunofluorescence - Protocols
                                    » Immunofluorescence - Background
                        » The Polymerase Chain Reaction
                              » Polymerase Chain Reaction Online Manual
                                    » The Polymerase Chain Reaction - Protocols
                                    » The Polymerase Chain Reaction - Background
                        » The Alkaline Lysis Mini-Plasmid Preparation (Mini-Prep)
                              » The Alkaline Lysis Mini-Plasmid Preparation Manual
                                    » The Alkaline Lysis Mini-Plasmid Preparation Manual : Procedures
                                    » The Alkaline Lysis Mini-Plasmid Preparation Manual : Background Information
                        » Mitosis Movies
                              » Mitosis Movies Online Manual
                                    » Mitosis Movies - Procedures
                                    » Mitosis Movies - Background
                                    » Introduction to Cell Biology
                        » DNA Restriction and Electrophoresis
                              » DNA Restriction and Electrophoresis - Background
                              » DNA Restriction and Electrophoresis Online Manual
                                    » DNA Restriction and Electrophoresis - Protocols
                                    » Introduction to Molecular Biology
                        » Cloning
            » SPARQ-ed Upper Primary and Junior Secondary School Immersions and Experience Days
                  » Junior research immersion programs
                  » Overview of SPARQ-ed Upper Primary and Junior Secondary Programs
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