2011 - 2012 Summer Research Scholarships are now open at The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute.

Are you highly motivated and interested in pursuing a career in research?
Summer Research Scholarships at the UQ Diamantina Institute allow students to gain invaluable laboratory skills, in state-of-the-art research facilities located at the PA Hospital campus. The UQ Diamantina Institute combines molecular biology, cell biology, genetics and human clinical studies in an interdisciplinary and collaborative research environment to unlock the mysteries of disease to turn scientific discoveries into better treatments.
Some of the projects we have to offer:
Developing bioinformatics tools for functional proteomics
– Dr Michelle Hill
Role of Wnt proteins during immune responses
– Dr Antje Blumenthal
Functions of the TLR-family member RP105 in innate immune recognition of pathogens
- Dr Antje Blumenthal

Investigating Pathways of p16INK4a-mediated Cellular Senescence in Melanocytes
– Dr Won Jae Lee
EGFR trafficking dysregulation in human tumours
– Dr Fiona Simpson
Do MLL-fusion leukaemia genes activate the Myb oncogene by stimulating transcriptional elongation?UQ Summer Research
– Prof Tom Gonda and Dr Partha Mitra
Mechanisms of local immune suppression in HPV E7 expressing skin
– Dr Deepak Mittal
Do you want to know more? For a full description of our research projects
please visit www.di.uq.edu.au/summer-research
Or contact our Postgraduate Administration Officer di.pgao@uq.edu.au or 07 3176 3197



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