The UQDI has a strong history of commercialising early-stage technologies and successfully translating these to the clinic. Our Manager of Innovation and Commercial Development works closely with the Institute's researchers and our partners to facilitate academic and commercial relationships and help transition UQDI’s research discoveries from the bench to the clinic.


Commercial activities undertaken at the UQDI include:
Intellectual Property Management
The UQDI has an extensive patent portfolio which is continually reviewed. A number of these patents have been licensed to commercial partners (e.g. HPV vaccine technology licensed to CSL and Merck) or form the basis of start-up companies (Dendright Pty Limited, Coridon Pty Limited).
Collaborations and Partnerships

We have a number of active collaborations and partnerships with both industry and academia. Our commercial activities include the negotiation and management of these relationships through MTAs, CDAs, research agreements, license agreements, consulting agreements and other commercial contracts.
Funding and Investment

The Institute's research is supported through a variety of commercial sources including industry-funded research contracts, commercial grants, and investment into the UQDI start-up companies. We are actively involved in identifying various sources of commercial funding and packaging our technology for investment. The UQDI has two start-up companies, Coridon and Dendright.
All commercialisation activities undertaken at the UQDI are supported by UniQuest Pty Limited, providing access to a full range of commercialisation expertise and resources. UniQuest is recognised as one of Australia’s largest and most highly regarded technology commercialisation companies with significant experience in developing early stage University research and taking these to the market.
Opportunities for Industry
The UQDI has a reputation for excellence in research, which when combined with world-class facilities presents many opportunities for collaborative research with industry partners. The UQDI is able to assist industry and tailor arrangements to meet your specific requirements in the following areas:
  • Consulting
  • Partnering
  • Contract research
  • Licensing
  • Investment in start-up companies
Current technology:
We are actively seeking licensees and investors to assist in the development of a range of UQDI technologies.
Coridon: DNA immunotherapies for the treatment and prevention of viral infections and cancer;
Dendright: Dendritic cell immunotherapies for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and other immune diseases;
Diagnostic for Inflammatory Arthritis: Markers for ankylosing spondylitis demonstrating improved diagnostic outcomes.
For further information, please contact our Research Partnerships Manager.


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