The UQDI provides high quality, leading technologies for researchers to pursue their research questions. Facilities are staffed with expert staff to ensure professional support, training and consultation to ensure researchers remain focussed on their goals rather than distracted by technical problems.

The Australian Cancer Research Foundation has generously supported the UQDI by providing funding to equip the UQDI with leading technologies in cancer research.

For detailed information on the facilities available to researchers located at the Translations Research Institute (TRI) please click here


Facilities & Support Services section

Histology Facility

The TRI Histology Facility is a core facility within the Translational Research Institute which provides both self and full-service histology.

Preclinical Imaging Facility

The TRI Preclinical Imaging facility aims to provide users with the instrumentation and expertise to undertake in vivo imaging, in live small animals. It also provides capabilities for high performance imaging of fixed samples.

UQDI Genomic Sevices

UQDI has a range of specialist genomics offerings including NGS processing facilities, quality assessment equipment and next-generation sequencing capacity. The facility houses a PacBioRSII, Illumina HiSeq 4000 and MiSeq. Our goal is to ensure resea...

Proteomics Facility

The Proteomics Facility operates as a core facility within the Translational Research Institute (TRI) with The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute acting as the service provider.


The UQDI has a diverse range of bioinformatics resources supported by staff adept at applying bioinformatics tools and algorithms and routinely developing new algorithms and methods to enable biolo...

Scientific Computing

The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) unit provides a central resource to support the network of IT infrastructure and computers available to UQDI scientists and students. Support is also provided for the computation requirements assoc...

Microscopy Facility

The fully equipped Microscopy Facility contains: • Nikon Brightfield, Olympus VS120 Brightfield slide scanner • Olympus BX63F motorized upright fluorescence mi...

Flow Cytometry Facility

The UQDI Flow Cytometry Facility houses a MoFlo high speed cell sorter, Becton Deckinson FACSCanto and Beckman Gallios analysers, and a Becton Dickinson FACSArray together with dedicated off-line ...

Laboratory Facilities

All laboratory facilities are provided with a comprehensive suite of supporting laboratory infrastructure to assist UQDI scientists and students achieve their research potentials. Fully equ...

Support Services

ICT Support: The ICT Unit provides hardware and software configuration and an extensive and speedy repair service for Apple and Windows computers. The department also deals with network installation and management and offers general comput...
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