Published 23rd September, 2011

Thursday the 22nd of September saw a number of students visit The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute’s first on-campus Open Day, held at The Princess Alexandra Hospital.
The attendees were a mix of undergraduate and postgraduate students, the majority from UQ at St Lucia. They took part in presentations by UQDI’s Research Leaders and PhD students to learn about the Institute’s research projects, scientific discovery achievements to date and future plans.
The groups were taken on lab tours of the Institute and received demonstrations of the world-class facilities available to current UQDI researchers, and learnt about the clinical benefits of being based at a leading research hospital.
Honours Student from IMB, Alex Metcalf, said the day was well organised, informative and very useful for the students.
Deputy Director of Education, Dr Gethin Thomas, commented that the purpose of the UQDI Open Day was to raise the profile of the Institute amongst the UQ undergraduate and postgraduate community, and to attract future committed high-achieving students to Honours and PhD programs.
“We succeeded in attracting a group of research-focussed students who showed great interest in the research programs at UQDI."
"It was very satisfying to see excellent interactions between the researchers and prospective students, with a number remaining at the end of the function to continue their discussions.” Dr Thomas said.



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